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The Woment's Club wants to assure that we are taking all precautions to follow COVID-19 protocol.  If circumstances change we will keep you apprised of any event postponement or cancellations.  

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Marijana Dolsen was a treasured member of the ISU Women's Club. Her family invites you to a Celebration of Life being held this Sunday, information follows. We miss you dear friend!

Event by Daria Van Dolsen

Price: Free · Duration: 8 hr

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

Come join us for my Mom Marijana's Celebration of Life party on Sunday, June 13th at the Mink Creek Group Site! There will be food, music, drink, good company, good memories and, of course, time to honor my Mom. Because there are people in her vast circle of friends who I don't have contact with or don't know I've made this Facebook event open to the public so it can be shared.

We will be providing the base meal so everyone can eat but if you want to bring something to share please do! If your last name starts with letters A through M please bring a side and if your last name starts with N through Z please bring a dessert. This is at your leisure and completely optional and not obligatory!

We will also be providing soft drinks, water, plus champagne for a toast but BYOB if you want to bring something a bit more robust to drink.

Also, my Mom loved plants and flowers so please feel free to bring some wildflowers from your garden or hikes to decorate the tables (again, this is only if you want to!). Also, I want this to be a festive so please there is no obligation to wear black. please wear whatever is comfortable for you and get as colorful as you want. The weather supposed to be quite hot on Sunday so please dress for comfort.

There is a large parking lot but it's not that large so please PLEASE try to carpool if you can! Also, we will have DD people who can drive you home if you've had a bit too much to drink. We want everyone to not only have fun but to be safe as well! We also have the site through Monday noon so you are welcome to camp there as well if you wish! Also, we are requesting no pets with the exception of service animals. Not all people appreciate animals nor are all pets well behaved (mine being a case in point) so for the sake of keeping the peace please keep them home (there is also a resident moose in the area who might not appreciate dogs).

See y'all on the 13th, my friends! 

*Also, in lieu of flowers etc I will be having several of her favorite charities in attendance and donations can be made to them in her name. 

- The Pocatello Free Clinic (provides free medical and dental care)
- Watershed Guardians (Beaver & Environmental conservation)
- PAWS (Portneuf Animal Welfare Society)
- Idaho Native Plant Society - Sawabi Pocatello Chapter 

The ISU Women's Club is proud to present the recipients for the annual student scholarships.  Names and scholarship received are listed below. Each received $3,000 for AY 20-21.

ISU Women's Club - Ruby Taylor Scholarship:  The *ISU Women's Club Sophomore Woman Scholarship* is awarded to a FEMALE student in any major who is currently a Sophomore (at time of application), but will be a Junior in the Fall semester.  Financial need is required. Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Recipients will be asked to attend a Scholarship Luncheon in the Spring to share their story and planned career goals.  Recipient:  Carina Cardona 


The ISU Women Club College of Technology Scholarship: is awarded to students in any class level within the College of Technology. Financial need is required (FAFSA must be submitted). Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.  Recipients will be asked to attend a Scholarship Luncheon in the Spring to share their story and planned career goals.  Recipeint:  Isaac Matson

The ISU Women Club Employee's Child Scholarship: is awarded to students in any class level or major who are a son or daughter of a full-time ISU employee. Financial need is required (FAFSA must be submitted). Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.  Recipients will be asked to attend a Scholarship Luncheon in the Spring to share their story and planned career goals.  Recipeint: Manual Maestas


We are highlighting 2 of our 3 ISU Women's Club Scholarship Recipients below.

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 Carina Cardona

Thank you:

I am very grateful that I was selected as a recipient for the Ruby Taylor Scholarship. I, Carina Cardona, am a student double majoring in Health Science and Spanish for the Health Professions to achieve my dream of becoming a Physician Assistant in the future. I am a first-generation college student in a Hispanic family. I know my family is not able to financially support my educational aims. Therefore, receiving this scholarship means the world, as it has helped me come one step closer to achieving my goal. Thank you again for your generous assistance as I pursue my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. My family and I are forever grateful to you.

Sophomore Women  (Ruby Taylor Scholarship) 
My parents have sacrificed, and gifted me everything in their will to help me become a successful woman one day. They immigrated to the U.S. leaving their families, and their home behind, to allow my siblings and I a better life. One that would guarantee us an education, and success. I have always understood my parents’ sacrifices, so I have always tried to be the best student, the best daughter. Like many parents, my education is very important to them, and I know this. I work hard, and I study for hours. This scholarship would not only assist my life goals but my parents’ life goals as well. Their goal has always been to open their children to greater and better education and lifestyles than they had. My parents never got the opportunity to finish school due to the lack of opportunities surrounding them and their poverty. This makes me a first generation college student, which is not only extremely terrifying but also a very prideful moment.

Ever since I can remember, graduating from college has been one of the many goals I have set for myself. At eight years old I envisioned myself graduating as a Vet, at twelve a Lawyer, and now a Physician Assistant. Receiving this scholarship to pay for some of the expenses of my education would mean the world to me, because I know the stress and struggles my parents face financially. Receiving this scholarship would also take me one step closer in achieving my goal. I know the day I graduate from college will be the most emotional and successful day of my life. To me, graduating college means that my parents’ hard work, and sacrifices won’t go to waste. It means that every hour of studying, every little reminder from my parents to work hard, and every ounce of stress will be worth it. Not only will I make my parents extremely proud, but myself as well. To graduate from college means that I will be truly successful, that eight year old me dream is finally reality.
I am currently a sophomore at ISU pursuing a B.S. in Health Science and a B.A. in Spanish For the Health Professions. I plan on graduating the year of 2023 and applying to ISU’s Physician Assistant program. I believe that being a first generation college student, I should be studious and ambitious when it comes to my education. I say this because after all my parents have sacrificed so much for my education. My parents have had a huge impact on my educational journey. They have influenced me to set high goals and have always motivated me to work hard to reach them. I aspire to be as hardworking as them, because they have built a family and home here from nothing. Being a first generation student has also influenced me to work hard. Going to leadership camp in the past has influenced me in a tremendous way as well. It has given me the ability to become a leader and not be afraid to speak my opinion. Leadership camp also gave me an opportunity to give back to my community. I was a leader of a youth group at my local Catholic church. It had a significant influence on me because it has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and teach the youth not only about religion but about life.
This scholarship will help me come closer to achieving my dreams.

Isaac Matson

Thank you so much for accepting me for your scholarship! I’m so grateful for your help in me achieving my career goals. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not a woman. However, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today without the women in my life. My mom has been an inspiration in my life. She’s taught me to work and to take on leadership. The women that taught me in school showed me the importance of education in every aspect of my life. My track and field coach taught me that I could get beat by a girl all the time! I have a lot of women in my life that I’m very thankful for. Thank you again for extending such a generous scholarship to me.

College of Technology Scholarship

I can’t wait to graduate! I’ve been in my major now for almost a year and I love it. The computerized machining program has taught me so much. One more year and I’ll be able to graduate and start my career as a machinist.

My goal is to get a job with one of the local machining shops. Idaho has a lot of shops that make some pretty cool stuff. I could work in a shop producing anything from firearms to potato processing parts. I’d like to stay in Idaho if I can. After several years I’d like to return to my home town and open a machine shop. It’s always been my dream to open a shop and employ people to help my little town grow.
I’ve been able to grow a lot in this program, and I’ve had the opportunity to be the treasurer in the Skills club. I’ve been able to work closely with my classmates to build some pretty cool stuff. Just a year ago I couldn’t tell you what a mill looked like, but now I’m using computer programs to design precision parts that can be converted to a list of codes that get put into a CNC mill. It’s great!


I’m applying for this scholarship because I need help to get through the last few semesters. I’ve worked my whole life to go to college. Even now I leave class and go drive bus to afford to go to school, but even with that the cost of college is too much for me to afford without financial aid. I really appreciate any help that you can give me.

I really do love the program that I’m in and look forward to graduating and becoming a productive Idahoan citizen. 

The pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives this year. Due to COVID19, the ISU Women’s Club has had to cancel all of their 20-21 social and fund-raising events. This includes the very popular Holiday Fair which is held each November as a premier event for unique hand-crafted items just in time for your Christmas shopping.

IN APPRECIATION FOR OUR VALUED VENDORS who support the ISU Women’s Club each year we are premiering their websites and contact information in hopes that you might consider them as you begin your holiday shopping this season. (Our vendor list will be updated as we receive new information).

The ISU Women’s Club board wishes all of our members and supporters good health and a happy holiday season! We hope to see all of you next year in person at the annual ISU Women’s Club Holiday Fair.

Patricia A Bingham            

Ashley Delonas 

Stephen Hagen

Deb Williams

Paige Weber

Jerahlyn Whitworth

Carie Toone

Naomi S. Velasquez

Thomas Forrest

Margo Ellis - Sew Many Things Email:

Kathleen Lacey Email: 

ISU Women's Club

921 S 8th Ave, Stop 8239

Pocatello, ID 83209-8239

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2020 Scholarship Luncheon Flip Side Post

Due to the recent Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) the 2020 Jayne Schubert Scholarship Brunch has been postponed until September.   The WC committee wish members and their families good health during this crisis. 


Here are some helpful websites that provide regular updates if you are interested.

SouthEast Idaho Public Health Hotline: 


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Members of the ISU Women's Club Scholarship Brunch Committee are currently in the planning stage for the annual Scholarship Brunch which has been postponed until September, 2020 in the Stephens Performing Arts Center.  The theme this year is: Through the Glass Ceiling: 100 Years of Triumphant Women.  SAVE THE DATE AND STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION SOON!

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Around 30 club members and friends spent a fun evening enjoying local live theatre at Westside Players.

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2019 Call for Helpers and Donations for
2019 Salad Bar Luncheon Website Announce
Scholarship Brunch Invitation 2019_edite

2019 Women's Club

Scholarship Brunch

The annual Scholarship Brunch was a huge success with a record attendance.  The Women's Club welcomed the Idaho 99's to the event.  Chairwoman, Stacy Budell and four of her members entertained the audience by sharing exciting stories of their flying adventures.  
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The 2019-20 scholarship recipients also attended the brunch and thanked the ISU Women's Club for their scholarships, and shared their stories and progress at ISU with club members.

2018 Holiday Fair

The 2018 Women's Club Holiday Fair was held on November 9 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and November 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The fundraising event raised $15,500 in which all proceeds support scholarships for ISU students.

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2018 Fall Social
Celebrate 95 Years .JPG

The Women's Club held their 2018-19 Fall Social where current members had the opportunity to visit and recruitment of new members took place.  The club is celebrating it's 95th anniversary this year.

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